Thursday, April 7, 2011

Auction updates, and a new home:

Hello! If you're reading this, it means that you've found out about Art for Japan. If you haven't, the short description is it's a really big online art auction to help relief efforts in Japan. We're in the middle of organizing and photographing the artwork but are hoping to get previews up here next week.

Auctions will be held on eBay; I'm not certain the exact dates but we will post and update here so you know. Due to the huge outpouring of artist work, we'll be hosting a few weeks of auctions, but we'll share the work on here too so you can spread the word and get thinking about what amazing art you'd like to bid on. We'll include links to our donating artists too so you can see more of their work.

All funds raised through this campaign will be donated to AmeriCares and tagged for Japan relief. AmeriCares, a nonpartisan and nondenominational organization, uses 99% of its revenue on its charitable programs and is rated four stars on, so we feel that it will be able to make excellent use of the money.

For a sense of what we have gotten (with some more to come)- here is all the work I've received so far (with 7lb dog for scale):

Actually the photos make it look tiny, but it takes up about sixteen square feet or more in the studio. So thank you artists!! Our work's cut out for us but we're hopeful to do our part.

Stay tuned-- we'll be sending update alerts via Twitter (follow @meghunt or @heykidzcomix to stay in the loop) and hope to have more next week!

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