Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More auctions throughout June, listed now!

Sorry I haven't been posting here like I meant to-- May got away from me a bit. More auctions listed up on Art for Japan--we've raised over $1300 for relief efforts and we're not through yet! Hopefully we'll be done with auctions by July.

If I forget to post up in here, I generally try to post new auctions on Mondays-- so keep checking that link!

Thanks everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Third Batch of Auctions up on eBay!

Hi everybody! Just a quick note as I'm recovering from a bit of a bad cold. We've got 20 more auctions listed today-- please check them out, spread the news, and bid!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Second Batch of Auctions up on eBay!

First up: We have another outside charity offering to tell you about, this time from a piece by Jessica Cantlope that's up on Etsy right now.

Secondly: we've listed more new amazing art from artists like Dustin Harbin, Andrea Kalfas, Carly Monardo and many more! Comics pages, art prints, fan art, even a fan and a perpetual calendar! Please check out all the auctions here, and keep your eyes peeled for the next auctions to be listed. We've already raised close to $200 for relief efforts but we'd love to raise a lot more, so please bid and spread the word-- we could use your help!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art Preview Round 2!

First up, those of you who haven't seen, I listed auctions last week-- please bid and spread the word! Couldn't get to post things on Friday, but we'll be listing a bunch of auctions on Monday, so we'll let you know when that goes live.

Secondly, a few people have listed auctions on their own since I can't take on any more art at the moment-- as I get links to those auctions I'll share them here too. Here's one from Dave Cohen: an artist proof tiki mug!

Now onto our next batch of preview art. Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for even more soon!

Cory Godbey, pencil drawing

Dustin Harbin, ink drawing

Louie Chin, archival print

Elisabeth Applbaum, photographs

John Martz, inked comic

Dave Stolte, archival print

Ni Morales, photograph

Jörn Kaspuhl, archival print

Michele Rosenthal, perpetual calendar and archival prints

Cheri Nowak, marker, colored pencil & ink

Nathan Bulmer, watercolor and pencil

Dale DeBakcsy , ink drawing

Carly Monardo, ink drawing
Ingrid de Lugt, two color screenprint

Jen Hsieh, watercolor and pencil

Eunice San Miguel, graphite and gouache

Crystal Ayala, watercolor, ink and gouache on fiberboard

Ian Andersen, gouache

Samantha Kallis, archival print

Lesley Barnes, concertina booklet

Andrea Kalfas, gouache

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First Batch of Auctions up on eBay!

Just an update regarding the auction effort-- I've listed the first fifteen auctions on eBay-- you can find them here. As this actually takes way longer than I hoped (eBay's process is kind of tedious) I'll be trying to do small batches of auctions on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule until they're all up. Hopefully a new preview will be up by Monday, but I'm kind of counting on a sunny day to show up soon to photograph!

Thanks for your patience! Keep an eye on the blog or my Twitter account-- I'll keep mentioning when batches of auctions go up.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Round One Preview!

Okay, so as promised-- here's a preview of the first batch of artwork for the auction. This is maybe a fifth of all the art I have on hand. It's a lot, eek! They'll either go up on eBay this week or early next-- still trying to work it out. At any rate we'll definitely keep you posted!

Much of the work can be made bigger to see all that detail. Please enjoy and visit the artists' websites too, there's lots of fun things to peruse!

Jen Wang, watercolor

Rachel Dougherty, acrylic on illustration board

Liza Ferneyhough, watercolor painting

Jade Sheldon, ink and gouache painting

Natalie Schaefer, letterpress print

Grace Fong, archival print

Kelvin Osorio, screenprint

Jess Fogel, archival print

Louie Chin, watercolor painting

Sarah McNeil, archival print set

Barbara Ana Gomez, wooden and screenprinted fabric fan

Kim Rosen, archival print

Dustin Harbin, inked comics page

Sharon Wagner, archival print

Diego Bergia, Lepos Bible and stickers

Val Kung, ink drawing and archival print

Debbie Ohi, painting on canvas


Carla Rodrigues, digital print
Maho Satoh, woodcut

Emory Allen, giclee print

Jill Bergman, hand-colored linocut

Josie Portillo- gouache on canvas

Loni Edwards, watercolored ATCs